What role does food play in your life?

Beth Dlutowski

Beth Dlutowski (BF ’13), market manager, Walmart Stores

by Beth Dlutowski, Bingham Fellows Class of 2013 –

Being a part of the 2013 Bingham Fellows, where I have exposure to a myriad of ideas, issues and feelings related to food, I realize the role that food plays in my own life.  In addition to providing sustenance, food plays a part in celebrations, entertaining, mourning, and most, if not all, activities in which I gather with family and friends. Organizations earn their revenues and individuals their salaries from food.  Participating in the workshops in this program has provided me time to reflect on all of these aspects.

For me, four themes continue to resonate regarding food, all related to our relationship with healthy food: 1) Education is crucial in describing the benefits healthy food can provide, as well as how less healthy food can impact a person; 2) Availability and access to food determines what food is eaten, where it is eaten and who eats it; 3) Healthy food can taste good (and can be fun to make as well); 4) Initiating healthy eating habits early in life, ideally in childhood, creates life-long well-being.

I am encouraged that there are individuals, organizations, non-profit groups right here in Louisville who are committing their time and energy to the education, availability, access and preparation of healthy food.  With this level of involvement, I am reassured that we will develop, and sustain, a smart food culture.


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