What does it mean to be a leader?

Angela Reeves

Angela Reeves, MBA (IL ’14, FL ’13), director of marketing & development, ARGI Financial Group

by Angela Reeves, Ignite Louisville Class of 2014 (October 2013 – April 2014) –

Our Ignite Louisville day at Norton Hospital was filled with what Al Cornish would call many “profound” statements.  And for that, you got a semi-fabulous prize!  We learned a lot about what it meant to truly be a great leader and how competencies and your own personal strengths play a role in shaping your leadership style.  It was a great day of self-reflection combined with team interaction.

Personally, I have found it very eye-opening to learn more about myself already in the short three months of Ignite. But I have found it just as fascinating to learn about the strengths and personalities of others, and how they all play a part as we work together.  My team is fun and dynamic, which has been apparent to everyone from day one, but when it comes to work, we are focused and determined, and have spent time learning about each other’s strengths to capitalize on each of them.

Al ended the day with a story and exercise that stuck with me.  Every day we have choices.  And life is all about the choices we make.  We can choose to be a great leader, or just do our job.  We can choose to be a better person or just go with the flow each day.  We can choose to leave a legacy and impact those around us.  He encouraged everyone to write a leadership growth statement, or legacy for your role as a leader.  Here is mine:  “As a leader, I will focus my life on God, my family, and bettering my community.  I will build up and encourage others while forming life-long friendships.  I will share my time, talents and treasure to support worthwhile organizations and individuals with disabilities and help develop others in philanthropic ways.  I will be fair and just, honest and trustworthy, fun and enthusiastic.  I will work to make the world a better place to live and enjoy the ride while I’m here.”



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