Update from the Ignite Louisville journey

Meghan Greeley (IL Spring '18), Director, Humana Inc.

Meghan Greeley (IL Spring ’18), Director, Humana Inc.

It’s hard to believe it is already time for our next Ignite Louisville Session; this 2017 holiday season is flying by!  On Wednesday, Ignite Louisville will be headed to Norton Healthcare to learn about the role of competencies and strengths in leadership development.  As I’m completing the pre-work for Wednesday, I’ve been reflecting on our trip to Fort Knox in November, where we got hands-on leadership training in the Army’s approach to successful mission execution. The chilly fall day started out with us breaking into our Ignite teams and then working together on a series of obstacle course challenges.

Meghan and her Ignite Louisville team bonded over the Army’s obstacle course.

After a “traditional Army lunch” (that’s MREs – Meals Ready to Eat – in case you were wondering) we headed inside for some classroom learning on the principles of Army mission training.  While the my team – LiveLoveLou – didn’t successfully conquer all the obstacle missions successfully, we did learn a lot about how we work as a team, and how we might collaborate more effectively on our group project.

Oh, and speaking of the group project, on the bus ride out to Fort Knox, we found out who our Ignite Louisville team would be working with.  LiveLoveLou will be partnering with the Louisville Urban League on transportation innovation; we are very excited to be tackling such an important project with such a great community partner. Can’t wait to see everyone on Wednesday!

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