Next in Leadership Green Room: Learn to Lead Up, Down & Across Your Organization on April 25; plus new course catalog available

Click image to view Winter/Spring 2017 Green Room Courses

Click image to view Winter/Spring 2017 Green Room Courses

PREPARATION IS ESSENTIAL to every great performance.

Step into the Leadership Green Room’s newest line-up of workshops for the most dynamic and innovative leadership training available in the region.  Offered by the Leadership Louisville Center, a trusted resource for nearly 40 years, the 2017 calendar includes curriculum from both local and global, leading-edge thought leaders.

2017 Workshops in Leadership Louisville Center’s Leadership Green Room


APRIL 25, 2017 | FULL DAY, ($445) 


Designed for first-time supervisors through mid-level managers; anyone that wants to learn how to best use and increase networks to influence (with or without positional authority)

• Learn how to identify and most effectively use sources of power and influence
• Explore ways to harness the power of both formal and informal organizational networks
• Understand the communication process specific to managing others, reasons for communication breakdown, and what constitutes organizational culture
• Gain proven approaches to develop effective internal messages around organizational and team goals
• Solve challenges related to internal communication effectiveness
• Practice crafting effective messages including, but not limited to, electronic messages, good, bad and neutral messages, and business presentations
• Unlock components of personal leadership and effective teamwork

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MAY 23-24, 2017 | 2 FULL DAYS, ($1,495)  (EXECUTIVE GREEN ROOM)
BECOMING A RESONANT LEADER with the Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University

Inspiring Change in Yourself and Others

Audience: Senior executives and executive team members with significant management responsibilities in their organizations.

Explore the link between emotional intelligence and resonant leadership, the underlying psychological and physiological processes that impact performance, and how to create and nurture relationships of deep emotional connection that inspire and sustain us.


• Learn resilience thinking skills for leading others towards outstanding performance
• Understand the link between emotional intelligence and keeping employees engaged during times of change and disruption
• Practice the concept of Intentional Change Theory, an empirically-proven process for achieving sustained, desired change

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JUNE 7, 2017 | FULL DAY, ($445) 
BUILDING A CULTURE OF CUSTOMER OBSESSION: Grow Customer Empathy, Grow Your Business

• Learn the habits of customer-obsessed organizations
• Understand how to embed customer-centric thinking in your organization
• Practice role-modeling and applying the right leadership behaviors for customer-obsession to take hold and thrive in your business

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