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The UpSkill Leadership Development Digest April 2022: Growing Influence

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Influential Communication

Influence takes a lot of stock in the workplace. When you’re looking for buy-in during a presentation, sharing your business’ story to a potential hire, or advocating for a raise or promotion – in these situations (and more), influential communication is paramount. The most effective leaders harness communication with a few key factors:

Authenticity counts – a lot. When a leader is all talk and no substance, people see right through the message. Those with an authentic leadership style bring their whole selves to their jobs, participating fully and honestly in the workplace. Try to see everyone you come across as a human, rather than a work contact. Once you shift your mindset, conversations will become less transactional and more transformational.

Make your listener the main character. When it comes to influence, there is no greater motivating factor than emotion. Practicing empathy allows you to address your listener’s pain points and barriers, then overcome them through your solutions. If they connect emotionally and can see themselves in an active role in your story, they’ll be more effectively inspired to action.

Listening is just as important in effective communication. Staying in touch with fresh opinions and perspectives by welcoming honest feedback is the best way to know about your clientele needs to create a successful strategy. And your employees who are operating more frequently with clients may know their needs in a fresher perspective, so it is imperative to listen when they have suggestions or ideas.

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Staff Picks: Communication Tools

  • Ask Questions: “I think the best habit that anyone can have when it comes to communication is learning how to ask good questions – and then listening to truly understand the other person’s point of view. Adam Grant is one of my favorite thought leaders around this topic and I am constantly trying to put into practice what he preaches around quality communication. Sometimes it’s easier said than done, but as Adam has said, ‘It’s better to contradict yourself and be accused of hypocrisy than to stick to your guns and sacrifice your integrity.’ I am always learning and that’s the goal!” – Aimee
  • Rethink Emotions: “I recently had the opportunity to join other leaders in the Green Room Course Difficult Conversations: Your Reaction, Your Choice with Justin Patton. I had a significant takeaway, realizing that in the past I had (without success, in many instances) attempted to frame difficult conversations in ways that ignore emotions from both sides. I learned that unexpressed feelings can leak into conversations and preoccupy me, thus making me a terrible listener. I’ve since started to unlearn this habit and rethink the role emotions play, working to identify, understand, negotiate, and share feelings involved, whether rational or not to improve my communication in instances of conflict.” – Paul


A well-told story captures attention, stirs emotion, and inspires action. What if business communication could do this for your employees, your customers, and your stakeholders? Research shows that it is critical for managers to have strong communication skills to successfully guide their teams, manage up, engage clients, and drive overall productivity.

Whether you need someone to support your organization, invest in your idea, or get excited about following your lead, refining your communication and storytelling skills is directly linked to driving results. This interactive microlearning session will provide insights and tips for using communication as a transformative leadership tool.

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