Who It’s For

Individual contributors and managers seeking to be more proactive and satisfied at work; anyone who reports to managers trained in the Situational Leadership® II model.

The Leadership Green Room, offering professional development, leadership development and soft skills training, is presented by Republic Bank Foundation

Why this course

What is the most crucial requirement for the success of initiatives throughout an organization? According to the latest research, what matters most is the proactive behavior of those on the front line, the people implementing the initiatives—individual contributors.

Imagine how resilient your organization could be with people who have the skills and self-confidence to diagnose their situation, accept responsibility, and hold themselves accountable for taking action.

The truth is, people want to be engaged, make meaningful contributions, and be appreciated. But not everybody realizes that they are in the driver’s seat of their professional lives. Not everybody has the skills necessary to be proactive.

Learning Outcomes

  • Situational Leadership® II—Participants learn the world’s most popular leadership model, taught from the perspective of the self leader rather than the manager
  • Assumed Constraints—Participants learn to recognize those perceived barriers that can be transcended or avoided
  • Points of Power—Participants learn the ve sources of power at work and how each can be activated to help them achieve their goals and experience greater autonomy, meaning, and competence
  • Proactive Conversations—Participants learn how to seek what they need from anyone who can provide them with the appropriate direction and support. They also learn how to proactively conduct One on One Conversations with their manager, in which they own and prepare the agenda

Online Learning

After the workshop, participants have access to the Blanchard online portal which guides learners through a set of tasks to practice skills back on the job. They also have access to the Blanchard app, workshop videos, and worksheets for a full year.


June 18, 2020 | 2 Days + online learning, ($900)

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Neil Haveron
Neil Haveron, a Senior Consulting Partner with The Ken Blanchard Companies®, has tremendous success year after year with clients who demand a high degree of flexibility and business impact. He is consistently one of Blanchard’s most highly sought-after consultants and trainers, because he balances a special blend of humor and business perspective that spans generations, cultures, and industries. Neil never fails to make an impact on his clients by providing flexible, personalized solutions that work in
today’s business environment.

Neil has successfully partnered with a wide range of mid- to large-size organizations throughout the world in industries such as health care, finance, insurance, manufacturing, retail, technology, government, and national defense.

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