Wanting to implement a leadership competency into your company culture? Have a large group that could benefit from training to drive performance across your whole organization? We are able to bring some of our most impactful leadership development courses directly to your organization.

Our Private and On-Site Training brings the same level of quality and customer satisfaction (average score of 9.7/10) found in our Open Courses, with greater flexibility – as they can take place on your organization’s schedule and can be hosted at the Leadership Louisville Center’s state-of-the-art training facility, brought to your organization’s facility, or held virtually.


Leadership Development Training in Louisville, KY

Our trainers are a mix of executives and professionals who are experts in adult learning, management, and leadership development (see reviews of our facilitators and courses). Scroll down to find our menu of available courses for Private or On-Site Training below, or download our catalog for course details and pricing information.

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Leadership Development Course: Developing & Leading High-Performance Teams
Developing and leading high-performance teams can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your career – and also one of the most challenging. You recognize a high-performing team when you see one, but what enables their success isn’t always as clear. By understanding how to create and sustain high-performance teams while also developing the skills and confidence of each individual, you can unlock the full potential of your people and increase organizational effectiveness.

  • Explore the science behind high-performance teams
  • Practice using a range of leadership styles for different types of situations and people
  • Understand how to manage common team dysfunctions
  • Learn how to enable cohesion while also allowing for productive conflict
  • Discover how to harness the diverse strengths of your team for greater creativity and productive collaboration

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How do we create a practical and effective road map for dealing with bias – on individual, team, and organizational levels?

Knowing that bias has real-world consequences – such as stereotyping, prejudice, and discrimination – effective leaders recognize that understanding and intentionally navigating these biases are critical to sustaining success.

This application-based leadership development workshop is designed by the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL®) to help leaders transform current bias habits to be more equitable, diverse, and inclusive.

  • Gain deeper insight into what bias is and how it impacts all of us
  • More quickly recognize the presence of your and others’ biases
  • Develop greater awareness of your social identity and how it relates to bias
  • Acquire tools and strategies for managing bias
  • Take concrete steps toward addressing a specific bias challenge

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Boost your confidence and communications know-how to motivate people toward a vision and make meaningful change. Research shows it is critical for managers to have strong communication skills to successfully guide their teams, manage up, engage clients, and drive overall productivity. Whether you need someone to support your organization, invest in your idea, or get excited about following your lead, refining your communication and storytelling skills is directly linked to driving results and engagement.

    • Lead meetings that create real value
    • Identify stakeholders for your messages and understand their needs
    • Craft and deliver compelling narratives
    • Inspire others to follow your lead through powerful communication
    • Refine your tone, style, and presence to better engage your audience

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Leadership Development Course: Lead Like a Boss
Explore how some of the behaviors that lead to individual success may be the very tendencies that limit your potential in the long-term. While many courses focus on telling leaders what to do, this course helps leaders understand what to stop.

This course utilizes the powerful and solution-based curriculum from best-selling author Marshall Goldsmith’s, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There, combined with principles of emotional intelligence and the rigor of change management.

  • Define strengths that you can use as behavioral anchors
  • Understand personal blind spots and ineffective habits
  • Gain a proven approach to positive behavior change and develop a personalized action plan
  • Transition from ‘manager’ to ‘influential and effective leader of others’

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Leadership Development Course: Authentic Leadership for Women
Research now shows that female leaders naturally have more of the competencies required to be successful in the 21st century. This interactive leadership development workshop will explore how women leaders can recognize and nurture what are considered traditionally ‘feminine traits’ while also developing in areas where men are naturally stronger. We’ll bust some of the myths of women’s leadership and lead participants through our four-part framework: Purpose & Values, Self-Awareness & Continuous Learning, Renewal & Connection, and Confidence & Courage.

  • Understand the link between ‘feminine leadership traits’ and high-performing companies and teams
  • Build self-awareness by reflecting on your own leadership journey
  • Gain tools for overcoming the mental blocks keeping you from achieving the next level of success
  • Learn how to lead with authenticity by defining your purpose and strengthening your brand

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Leadership Development Course: Find Your Voice & Kick Some Glass
The capacity to express your authentic views, negotiate for what you want, showcase your business acumen, and share your ideas can accelerate your career as well as your team’s growth.

In this session we will examine why it can be hard for women to find their own voice. We’ll show you some ways you can challenge yourself and those you influence to amp up the courage and confidence to overcome barriers to reaching your full potential.

  • Learn how to grow self-awareness in order to find your authentic voice
  • Understand how gender, culture, and power structures can affect your ability to speak and be heard (and what to do about it)
  • Practice negotiation skills and using data to build the case for your solutions
  • Identify high-leverage opportunities where speaking up can be most impactful

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DEVELOPING THE LEADER WITHIN YOU, based on the John Maxwell book

Leadership Development Course: Developing the Leader Within YouLeaders are not just born, they develop by intentional learning.  Originally published 25 years ago, Developing the Leader Within You is a classic on all aspiring leaders’ bookshelves. After being updated for today’s leaders, it now shares leadership insights and practices that withstand the test of time. This workshop will help you develop the vision, values, influence, and motivation that are trademarks of successful leaders. Whether you are just beginning your leadership journey or simply investing in continued growth, we’ll show you that the position doesn’t make the leader – the leader makes the position.

  • Build trust through personal integrity
  • Create positive change and understand the process involved
  • Develop crucial problem-solving techniques
  • Articulate visions and goals for your organization
  • Become character-driven vs. being emotion-driven

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Leadership Development Course: The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Based on the best-selling book, this interactive workshop will help participants recognize and name the team dynamics that are holding you back. The half-day and full-day workshop are ideal team-building experiences. The exercises are best discussed as a full team to really recognize and change the behaviors that are preventing your best performance. The half-day workshop will allow your team to pick two areas of deeper focus. The full-day workshop includes a preliminary team self-assessment and all five team exercises.

Our Leadership Development Trainers

Lisa Zangari

Lisa Zangari, Executive Coach in Residence, Leadership Louisville Center See Lisa’s bio

Jo Lloyd-Triplett, Senior Leadership Development Manager, Leadership Louisville Center See Jo’s bio

Aaron Miller

Aaron Miller,
Vice President, Leadership Louisville Center See Aaron’s bio

Cynthia Knapek, President & CEO, Leadership Louisville Center See Cynthia’s bio

Vitale Buford Hardin,
Course Instructor, Leadership Louisville Center See Vitale’s bio

Reviews of courses facilitated by our team

  • “Leadership Louisville is top notch and well versed on how to be an exceptional leader. Lisa is a fantastic trainer/facilitator. I cannot wait to use what I learned!”– Michele Sullivan, Kentucky Lottery

  • “Insightful, thought provoking, personally challenging. It energized me to want to implement the learnings.”– Dean Malthause, Kentucky Lottery

  • “I am deeply satisfied with the experience and education I received from this training. Thoughtful insights, engaging content, and a relatable moderator – I truly enjoyed every aspect and look forward to taking all of this back to my office and creating a high performance team!”– Casey Henson, Kentucky Lottery

  • “Cynthia Knapek and Lisa Zangari’s session was “one of the best sessions I attended. All HR professionals need to hear this for talent development.”
    – KYSHRM Conference attendee

  • Loved the breakout sessions – I never knew it was possible to do these virtually, so it was great to not only connect with peers that I haven’t seen in a while but also to do so while learning more about each other’s leadership/communication styles!”– participant, Kentucky Lottery

  • “The session was informational, engaging and practical. I really enjoyed it. It was also so nice to focus on our specific needs as women in leadership.”
    – Laura Proctor, Account Supervisor, Doe Anderson

  • “Really enjoyed these speakers (Cynthia Knapek and Lisa Zangari). I encourage you to invite them back every year.”
    – KYSHRM Conference attendee

  • “The facilitator’s ability to break down the different leadership concepts where they were meaningful, relevant and easy to understand”
    – Ingram Quick, Kentucky Lottery

  • “High energy, good stats, great strategies for pushing forward.”
    – KYSHRM Conference attendee

  • “Loved this presentation and content. Both ladies (Cynthia Knapek and Lisa Zangari) were fantastic- loved all the points and takeaways. Very helpful personally and professionally.”
    – KYSHRM Conference attendee


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