“It’s Who You Know” with the Ignite Louisville Class of Spring 2019

From left: James Halaris, Brown-Forman Corporation; Lauren Johnson, Louisville Tourism; and Da’Marrion Flemming, Sowing Seeds of Faith. “It’s Who You Know” is a series of Q&A profiles designed to help community leaders get to know each other, and learn from … Continued

Ken Blanchard Company bringing First-Time Manager training in Louisville on August 10th

August 10, 2018 The First-Time Manager Experience | Facilitator: The Ken Blanchard Companies   Without proper training, 60% of all new managers underperform for their first two years. First-time managers who receive the necessary tools and training from the start are set … Continued

Looking inward and learning how to move ahead – both are part of growing as a leader

As the Ignite Louisville experience progresses, I continue to be impressed by everything we’re learning about leadership and teamwork. Even more impressive is how each program day helps us uncover things about ourselves. From the surprisingly accurate performance indicator results … Continued