Myths Debunked

by Chris Chase, Bingham Fellows Class of 2013 — Would you believe the statement “Fast food is not the problem, it’s the choice you make at the restaurant?”  Well, maybe you should.  The Bingham Fellows meeting at Yum! Headquarters was full … Continued

Making the Louisville Mix Work

by Elaine Salvo, Leadership Louisville Class of 2013 — Our objectives for the eye-opening, conscious-raising, March Leadership Louisville program day were to explore cultures within Louisville and how they help create our city’s identity, to discuss the racial and ethnic issues that … Continued

This is the true story…

by B. Todd Bright, Bingham Fellows Class of 2013 – I wore husky jeans as a child. Sears kept the husky jeans in the back of the sales floor;  perhaps, it was a strategy to make the more robust children … Continued