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Liz + Mollie
Best-Selling Authors, Workplace Experts, and Creators of the @LizandMollie Online Community

2023 LeadingBetter Summit Speakers | Liz and Mollie

Liz + Mollie are the dynamic duo behind Instagram’s popular @LizandMollie online community and co-authors of the Wall Street Journal bestseller No Hard Feelings: The Secret Power of Embracing Emotions at Work and the bestselling book Big Feelings: How To Be Okay When Things Are Not Okay.

Liz Fosslien is an expert on how to make work better and leads the content and communications team at Humu, which uses behavioral science and nudge theory to make it easy for managers to improve. Liz’s work has been featured by Good Morning America, The New York Times, The Economist, Time, TED, and CNN and she regularly leads workshops about effectively embracing emotions as a leader at organizations ranging from early-stage startups to the Fortune 500.

Mollie West Duffy is an expert in organizational development, leadership development, and workplace culture. She is the head of Learning & Development at Lattice. She was previously an Organizational Design Lead at global innovation firm IDEO, and a research associate for the Dean of Harvard Business School. Her writing has been featured in Harvard Business Review, Fast Company, and Entrepreneur, and she’s taught design courses at Stanford and USC.

Over the past two years, Liz and Mollie’s online community of over 500K has laughed and cried about productivity guilt, pandemic anxiety, and Zoom fatigue. Their books have helped anyone intimidated by oversized feelings they can’t predict or control, offering the tools to understand what’s really going on, find comfort, and face the future with a sense of newfound agency.

Why Bringing Emotions to Work Matters:
Emotionally Fluent Leadership

As our workplaces become more collaborative, complex, and stressful (and increasingly tied to our identities), success as a leader hinges on learning to embrace emotion while navigating the sweet spot between vulnerability and professionalism. 

In this engaging workshop, Liz + Mollie will share how emotions affect our professional lives, and equip leaders with the tools to understand and navigate their emotions at work. They will share practical advice and a clear-sighted toolkit for navigating emotion as a leader. This workshop includes their emotional expression tendency assessment for all participants. This session will help leaders build credibility, become a leader people want to follow, get promoted, develop a high-performing teams, navigate uncertainty, take risks, and build cultures in which people feel safe asking questions.

This workshop includes an emotional expression tendency assessment for all participants.

Ready to learn to embrace emotion at work?