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Leadership Summit Speakers

We carefully curate our speakers each year to cover the most relevant, valuable topics for our attendees. Scroll down to learn more about those selected for 2023! Thank you to this year’s Speaker Sponsor:

Getting Along: How to Improve Relationships to Drive Results

with Amy Gallo, Harvard Business Review
Author, Speaker, and Coach

There’s no denying it: work relationships can be hard. The stress of dealing with difficult people can dampen creativity and productivity, degrade the ability to think clearly and make sound decisions, and cause employees to disengage. In this leadership summit talk, Amy Gallo identifies eight familiar types of difficult coworkers (the insecure boss; the passive-aggressive peer; the know-it-all; the biased coworker; and others) — and provides strategies tailored to dealing constructively with each one. Through relatable, sometimes cringe-worthy examples and the latest behavioral science research, Gallo offers practical advice for navigating your toughest relationships at work — and building interpersonal resilience in the process.

Amy Gallo is an author and contributing editor of Harvard Business Review, expert in conflict, communication, and workplace dynamics. She combines the latest management research with practical advice to deliver evidence-based ideas on how to improve relationships and excel at work.

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2023 LeadingBetter Leadership Summit Speakers | Liz + MollieSESSION:
Big Feelings
(virtual session)

with Liz Fosslien & Mollie West Duffy, Best-Selling Authors 

We all experience unwieldy feelings. But between our emotion-phobic society and the debilitating uncertainty of modern times, we usually don’t know how to talk about what we’re going through, much less handle it. Over the past two years, Liz Fosslien and Mollie West Duffy’s online community of over 500K has laughed and cried about productivity guilt, pandemic anxiety, and Zoom fatigue. Their books have helped anyone intimidated by oversized feelings they can’t predict or control, offering the tools to understand what’s really going on, find comfort, and face the future with a sense of newfound agency.

In this virtual leadership summit session, Liz and Mollie will share how both women and men can learn to embrace emotions at work without going too far. Learning this skill can help you gain credibility, become a leader people want to follow, get promoted, develop a high-performing team, navigate uncertainty, take risks, and build cultures in which people feel safe asking questions.

Liz + Mollie are the dynamic duo behind Instagram’s popular @LizandMollie online community and co-authors of the Wall Street Journal bestseller No Hard Feelings: The Secret Power of Embracing Emotions at Work and the bestselling book Big Feelings: How To Be Okay When Things Are Not Okay.

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