What are the most critical issues that need to be addressed by leaders in this community?

That’s the challenge we’re posing to our members Friday, April 22 at a first-of-its-kind workshop at the Leadership Louisville Center. We’re calling it a Social Impact Sprint.

Thursday, May 26, 4 – 6:00pm (new date!)
@ Leadership Louisville Center

Free, Members-Only

What it is:
Taking cues from the worlds of design and innovation, this 2-hour Social Impact Sprint will bring together leaders in our community to:

  • Map the region’s challenges
  • Collaborate and share expertise
  • Identify issues that could be most impacted by greater community engagement

This is not a networking event or speaker series, this is an active, working meeting with food, drink, interesting people, and big ideas. Bring your unique perspectives, bring your community-focused lenses, and bring your laptops. You will enjoy local food and local craft beer, have fun, make new friends, and do some collective brainstorming for the greater good.

Why it’s important:
Every year, the Center chooses a topic to drive our nationally recognized Bingham Fellows program – the outcomes of which have a lasting footprint on the community. Our Leadership Network members are leaders, with eyes and ears all over the region. By leveraging our collective knowledge, we can better identify where the efforts of future Bingham Fellows cohorts can be most impactful.

Who should participate:
We need individuals of all genders, ages, and corners of the community to share their time and perspective with us. This is not a deep dive into a particular area of interest, but rather an exploration of all aspects of the community to identify those most in need – all industries and areas of interest are welcome. Space is limited to the first 50 registrants, and only to graduates and members.



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