start flying start flying Glacier Run Louisville Zoo O ld Forester Brown-Forman DOE-ANDERSON Make YOUR dollar soar! Make YOUR dollar soar! Leadership Investment Gives You Wings to Fly! It all starts with a dollar. Your financial support in the Leadership Louisville Center makes individuals, organizations, and our community SOAR! Follow our flight path to see how every dollar invested in leadership extends far beyond its original value. What began in 1979 is well beyond what our founders hoped it would be. The learning and networks developed have enabled thousands to effectively impact themselves, our community, and the world. They are leaders. Let's follow their journey. Grow one leader and their impact multiplies Grow one leader and their impact multiplies As a nonprofit leader, scholarship dollars were critical to my program experiences, and each dollar has been multiplied. In Louisville, 1+1=3, and Leadership Louisville Center opportunities have greatly benefited me and Family Scholar House. A great number of classmates are donors, com - mittee members, and active volunteers. The partnership and financial support for our families of single parents seeking higher education is significant. Cathe Dykstra (LL '09, BF '07, LN '06, FL '04) President & CEO Family Scholar House Connect Two Leaders And They Can Change The World Connect Two Leaders And They Can Change The World Beyond a course, event or even an experience, Leadership Louisville created an ongoing momentum that has enhanced my sense of connection in our city, changed the way I approach my role as a business owner, and raised awareness of my responsibility in Louisville. Mark Hogg (LL '12) Founder and CEO WaterStep We are saving lives around the world with safe water, supported by connections I made with 30+ board members, volunteers, and contributors through the Center's programs. Leadership Louisville was one of my tools that launched WaterStep to a new level of respect and recognition as a valuable asset in the world of water, innovation and compassion. What began as connections at the Leadership Louisville opening retreat in August 2004 has now blossomed into $10 million in annual economic impact and hundreds of jobs, not to mention a better bond between people and the planet. John Walczak (BF '10, LL '05) Director Louisville Zoo Skilled & Connected Leaders Make Businesses Thrive Skilled & Connected Leaders Make Businesses Thrive Brown-Forman has been a long-time supporter of the Center, particularly the Ignite Louisville program. We believe it is an excellent way to develop important skills for our up-and-coming leaders who live and work here in Kentucky. The program teaches participants how to influence without authority, leverage diversity, diagnose issues, and lead change. Brown-Forman employees who participate in Ignite Louisville bring these leadership skills back to their day jobs and can apply their learning to the roles they have today and will have in the future. Kirsten Hawley (BF '09, FL '07) SVP & Chief Human Relations Officer Brown-Forman