Simon Sinek’s team coming to help us all find our why

Start with WhyComing September 20th to the Leadership Green Room

Simon Sinek’s TED Talk titled How great leaders inspire action, is the 3rd most popular TED talk of all time, and people around the world love the concept of starting with why. But what is the real benefit of finding our why?

According to Sinek’s co-author of “Find Your Why,” David Mead, the answer is both business ROI and human fulfillment.

“Businesses gain greater loyalty among employees and customers, they have a better ability to innovate, and better profit margins,” said Mead. “But on a human level – every single one of us deserves to wake up inspired to go to work and go home fulfilled by the work that we do. People give their energy, their time, talent, and resources to do work that matters to them. The natural result is better profit and more market share. When leaders and organizations find our why, it matters to our people and to the growth of our businesses.”

Are you ready to find your why? Simon Sinek’s team will deliver a new course based on his best-selling book on September 20th as part of the Leadership Louisville Center’s latest Green Room course line-up. His co-author David Mead will lead, “Start with Why: finding your leadership purpose,” where he’ll share the training he created to bring the “how” to Sinek’s “why.”

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