Vitale Buford Hardin

Leadership Louisville Course Instructor and CEO of the Hardin Group

Vitale is a top leadership consultant, driver of leadership excellence, and CEO of The Hardin Group, a leadership consulting firm. She believes that “who we are is how we lead,” so the real leadership work begins with ourselves. Vitale brings her training and concepts to life in a fun and relatable way, empowering teams and companies to transform the way they work, produce, and relate. She is an iPEC-certified executive coach, trainer, award-winning speaker, and author. Featured in The New York Times, she is the author of the book, Addicted to Perfect, detailing her struggle with perfectionism and how she overcame it.

Vitale considers herself a change agent – working with organizations and leaders to transform their workplace cultures and leadership environments. She has experience working with companies in myriad industries including Humana, NCAA, CenterPoint Energy, Logan Aluminum, University of Kentucky HealthCare, Toyota Tsusho, and Longship. She does this through custom training programs, strategic advisory, workshops, keynotes, culture change initiatives, and performance coaching. Before starting her own business, Vitale spent 14 years impacting culture change and working in marketing and business development for a variety of industries and professional service organizations. Vitale loves traveling, Fleetwood Mac, morning walks, and lives in Kentucky with her husband, son, and dog.

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