Prepare to be Shocked!

Michelle Irwin

Michelle Irwin (FL ’13), realtor, RE/MAX Executive Group

by Michelle Irwin, Focus Louisville November 2013 —

Prepare to be shocked! There are people in Louisville who didn’t go to the Trinity/St. X game, have never heard of the Barnstable-Brown party and don’t know how to answer the ultimate question of “Louisville or Kentucky”?

Louisville is the biggest small town I’ve experienced. “Who do you know that I know”  is a question we consistently ask when first meeting someone. Inevitably, there are a few people in common.

I had the privilege of participating in Focus Louisville and the wonderful opportunity to talk to other professionals about what this great city has to offer. The overwhelming theme from those who were not native Louisvillians, was that they felt very welcome, but never quite included.

How do we leverage the wonderful personalities, talent and experiences of the people who are transplanted here? That has become a mission of mine and should be a focus of everyone who has been here for any extended period of time. There are so many wonderful people with so much knowledge to share and they can help take our city to the next level…IF we take advantage of them. That person at work that just moved here – take them to lunch, go have a drink or take them to a museum! Include them in your life, and help them feel a part of the fabric of this city. We will all be better because of it.


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