Powerful. Transformative. Engaging.

Ashley Hopkins

Ashley Hopkins (FL ’16), Program Coordinator, TRIO Student Support Services, University of Louisville

Powerful. Transformative. Engaging. These are just a few words I would use to describe my experience at Focus Louisville.

Powerful.  Exploring real issues up close and personal in your own community alongside other impassioned, energetic citizens is truly inspiring. Did you know we have many bright, active members in our community doing tremendous things like helping provide access to clean, safe water to many developing nations and bringing arts into the lives of children who may not otherwise have the opportunity? Did you know our city has a long, interesting history? Did you know our government and law enforcement leaders are true community servants? Being new to Louisville, I only half knew these things. Learning them alongside peers who also wish to serve their communities generated an amazing energy that motivated all of us to take action.

Transformative.  “Transformed people transform people” – Richard Rohr.  I use this quote because I believe it is at the essence of Focus Louisville.  Such a powerful experience is life-changing.  How did I not know these issues (that I learned about in Focus Louisville) exist to this extent in my community? How did I not know these resources are available to those in need?  How have I not met these amazing people who are energized to actively serve our community? After attending Focus, you will know! And, that is what is great about it. Once you know, you can do, and when you do, you transform lives and communities for the better.

Engaging.  Focus Louisville is powerful and transformative because it is engaging. Have you taken a historical walking and driving tour of Louisville or completed a scavenger hunt in Jeffersonville? Have you toured a school in our city? Have you learned about nonprofit services by visiting an organization? Have you ever danced on the stage at The Kentucky Center?! I did! And, I had the opportunity to engage in discussions not only with the inspiring attendees, but with community leaders from various sectors across our city: government, the arts, law enforcement, economic development, education, and nonprofit.  Focus provides a new lens for Louisville natives to understand and appreciate the community, and it is a great introduction to an amazing home for those of us who have migrated here for various reasons.

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