Having a high-quality photo helps us make sure you’re represented the best you can be in our communications (including class announcements) and in press coverage of our programs and events. We know everyone has limited time these days, so to cut down back-and-forth communication, we’ve put together a handy guide for checking your image prior to sending it to us:

1. Check your file size

The easiest way to check that your image is big enough is to look at the file size. If the file you have is under 100 KB, it’s likely that it is too small. Preferably, images will be at least 1 MB. You can check your file size by right-clicking on an image and looking at “Properties.” If you have access to your photographer or marketing department, we’re looking for a file that’s a minimum of 10 inches on the long side at 200ppi.

2. Don’t download thumbnails

While the most convenient option is to quickly download your photo from your company website or LinkedIn profile, be wary of downloading small thumbnail images. Your best bet is to look for original files sent by your photographer, or to contact your company’s marketing department for the original image. Feel free to download images from the website – but make sure to check the file size!

3. Keep it professional

We know not everyone has access to professional photographers, but these images will potentially be published in business publications widely read around the city. If you can, avoid selfies or images cropped from someone’s wedding photos. Taking a photo on a smartphone is a viable option – but try to use a neutral or professional background, and either get help from a friend/coworker or use a self timer. Here is a handy guide on how to take your own headshot.

Program Applicants
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