Next Member Event to feature energy boost for new year

At the next member meeting…

Increase Your Energy, Change Your Life 


Let’s shake things up a bit for 2017. We all have big plans for the new year, right? So let’s learn how to get more energy, and how to encourage our team to make those big things happen. And why not take a road trip while we’re at it.

Join us at ProFormance Health and Wellbeing on River Road, on January 26th, to hear from ProFormance’s President and Chief Encouragement Officer, and fellow program graduate, Carlos Rivas (BF ’16).

In this motivating and inspiring session, you’ll learn five simple strategies to help you and your team perform at your highest potential, walking away feeling stronger in mind, body and spirit.

What you can expect to learn:

• 5 key components of well-being
• The one thing that will change your life
• How encouragement leads to engagement
• How to live a life full of impact by harnessing the powers of compassion, connectedness, courage and collaboration
• Live with ease instead of “dis”-ease

Members if you did not receive an email invitation to this event, contact us to register and get details about the time and place of this event.