Magic Wands a Wavin’

Jody Duncan

Jody Duncan (IL ’15), public information officer, EMA/MetroSafe

by Jody Duncan, Ignite Louisville Spring 2015 –

As she strolled up to the front of the room, I could tell Lynnie Meyer had a level of confidence about her.  I don’t mean I felt she was stuck-up, I just noticed how tall she stood, without being tall at all. Lynnie spoke of her experiences throughout her career and the one that resonated with me was her confidence about the Center for Women and Families position.  She knew that was her calling at the time and before starting any new initiatives, she sought the advice of her staff.  Her question to them, “if you could wave your magic wand, what would you change or do differently in this organization,” elated me as I knew I could use this, not only with my Ignite Louisville team’s project, but in my organization as well.  I am passionate about my organization and posing that question is the perfect way to see what others think of it.  Lynnie reminded me of the importance of listening and building trust…all with  a wonderful twist.  I could have listened to her for days!

Since our program day I have not only used these insights within my organization and with my team’s project, but in my personal life as well. Think of all of the answers I received from my nine year old when I asked him about waving a magic wand!  I’m on my way to the mall to see if I can find one!