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For more than 40 years, the Leadership Louisville Center has specialized in developing leaders of the highest caliber as it fulfills its purpose: to inspire and equip leaders to be better and do better. This dual focus on growing the skills of the individual and inspiring them to better the community around them is called social impact leadership. Known for its world-class approach to leadership development, the Center is now leaning into a national growth opportunity, allowing enterprise to fuel social impact.

Since 2015, the Center has offered leadership skills training and development curriculum through courses and an annual Leadership Summit. With the addition of virtual programming and because the needs of the new world of work are changing, the Center’s geographic footprint has grown significantly. The Center’s thousands of training participants have come from over 30 states and several countries, with over 500 companies using the Center’s talent development solutions. Free microlearning sessions launched in 2020 have attracted over 10,000 participants from all 50 states. The Leadership Summit has transitioned to a hybrid event (in-person and virtual), with one-third of attendees from outside of the Louisville region, representing over 20 states.

To embrace these opportunities, the Center is launching a new, partner brand to allow for continued growth beyond the boundaries of Louisville. LeadingBetter™ will be the new brand for all leadership skills training offerings and the Leadership Summit – all of the offerings designed to help individuals and organizations lead better. The Center’s community leadership programs will continue to operate under the Leadership Louisville Center brand – so both will be used moving forward. While the LeadingBetter™ brand is being launched today, the transition will come in phases over the next year.

“As a nonprofit, purpose-driven organization, our focus is to enable better leaders, better results, and a better world. For the individuals and companies who want to both train up their talent AND at the same time make a social impact investment – LeadingBetter™ can do this for you,” said Cynthia Knapek, president and CEO of Leadership Louisville Center. “This new brand will allow more of our local partners to extend training to other locations throughout the country, and other markets to come to us. The impact of a Louisville-based asset for better leadership has far-reaching positive implications for our organization, for the Louisville community, and for the nation. Please get in touch with us to help support your leadership skills training and talent development needs and shine a spotlight on Louisville as the model for better leadership. Together, we are LeadingBetter™.”


Have questions? Want a to learn a little bit more about our leadership skills training solutions and how we can customize them to fit your organization’s needs? Contact Paul Bolton at (502) 561-0458 or pbolton@leadershiplouisville.org. Or fill out the form below, and he’ll reach out: