Law and Sausage

London Roth

London Roth (LL '13), human capital consultant, Humana, Inc.

by London Roth, Leadership Louisville Class of 2013 —

“If you like law and sausage, don’t watch how they get made,” was a joke made by two state leaders yesterday as they characterized the “interesting” process by which bills are presented and passed in government.

I thoroughly enjoyed the most recent Leadership Louisville program day: State Government: Louisville and the Commonwealth.  For several reasons — including moving cities several times over the last 10 years — I have not engaged in local or state government in a meaningful way.  So, the trip to Frankfort to meet several leaders and observe our political practices was an eye-opening experience for me.  Much could be taken from the day, including  a deeper understanding of how our state allocates its dollars and being inspired by Dr. Sheila Schuster’s words and stories about advocacy.  What sticks with me most is Lt. Governor Abramson’s definition of a resident versus a citizen and his charge to strive for the latter.   I found value in his suggestion to identify something you are passionate about and contribute in the way(s) you can, as opposed to feeling overwhelmed by the magnitude of the larger issues at hand.  One of us will not make Kentucky a better place to live and work; all of us will.

So, how did I end such an interesting and informative day?  I called the state, registered myself and left a message with my legislators asking for their support on an upcoming bill that I believe in.