It’s All About Scalability

Robin Miller

Robin Miller (BF '12) director of marketing & community relations, Louisville Science Center

by Robin Miller – Bingham Fellows Class of 2012 –

With only three months left to go in our Bingham Fellows class experience and to hopefully have something to show for it, we are all really ramping it up.  While it’s been a guided and deliberate process, I’m struck by the natural group project phenomenon that is happening.  Each group finds itself at different stages of its development, energy level, and checkpoints towards completion – including trying to define what completion really means.  While lots of it is really coming together, it’s clear that there is still a lot of work to be done.

We remain energized and lofty in our goals and thinking, but as the time ticks by, the reality of the situation sets in. We recognize we unfortunately can’t do it all; we recognize this is not a topic that has a silver bullet approach; we know that whatever we do might not yield overnight results; yet we still try. While diminished in our missives, we still offer up the “well why don’t we try this (insert big idea) here; we know that lots of strategies can work.  Nevertheless, we are at the point in the process where we know we now need to shrink it down even further; focusing on a few pilot areas rather than the whole world, and we are finding deeper and more meaningful brass tacks kinds of conversations happening group-to-group.

It seems as though we will land in a place where we pay homage to the Butterfly Effect; where our small ripples in the sky, or in that big ocean we’ve been trying to boil, will take over, and we hope that our tiny piece of what we do is catalytic in nature.