Logan Leet

Logan Leet (FL ’15), president, Old 502 Winery

Almost every post in this blog will tell you about the eye-opening experience the writers had in their three day Focus Louisville experience and they’ll tell you about how inspiring the presenters were to move them to action, the depth of commitment these presenters have to this community, and the fresh view of Louisville they brought to us in this brief program. I would agree on all counts.

But I mostly spent the three days observing the transformation of my fellow attendees from a wide variety of folks who attended the program for different reasons (boss sent them, networking, making connections in their new city, trying on Leadership Louisville for size, looking for ways to contribute, or just taking time to learn about their hometown) into a group of people who, collectively, bought into the idea of giving something back to this wonderful city we call home.   The air in the room became more electric with possibility every day and I can only describe the attitude as infectious.  Every new idea brought another new idea and I saw this room of individuals with their different agendas become a Community in three days.

Sure, we all have gone our separate ways and real life and its distractions have set in again and I’m sure some people, like me, have taken too long to get around to keeping  promises to themselves they made while in that marvelous, infectious environment (or making their timely blog posts).  But I’m pretty sure most every one of those attendees still has that spark of enthusiasm lurking in their souls, waiting to jump out to feel that amazing sense of community once again.  I, for one, have met up with a few of my fellow Focus Louisville alums to talk about the mutual enlightenment we gained and, finally, made contact with the school Principal I met in the program and to whom I promised some tutoring efforts.

I made a few other promises to myself while at Focus Louisville, and, because of this chronic infection, I think I’m going to get around to those as well.

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