In the end, we all hit a home run.

Nancy L. Warfield

Nancy L. Warfield, manager, Brown-Forman Corporation

by Nancy L. Warfield, Bingham Fellows Class of 2012 –

I can honestly say I had an overall awesome experience during my nine months in Bingham Fellows.  If I had been asked about my experience early in the program, it would have been a different answer.  There were 43 very talented, creative, and determined persons in the group, all wanting to offer solutions as to how we approach the question, “How do we engage the community to inspire student achievement?”  Being an analytical, task-oriented person whose approach is to gather data, develop a process and move forward, I became frustrated at times.  As I was forced more and more out of my comfort zone, however, I began to listen and learn new ways to approach problems and work with others.  This new perspective allowed me to engage with this diverse group of leaders.  I found a group aligned with my viewpoints and we were able to piece together a plan for addressing the issue.

All the different approaches suggested by the Bingham Fellows had focus, energy, and a desire and to help students be the best and the brightest.  As we all worked diligently on our projects, we began to bond around this common cause.  We were committed to making a positive difference in the lives of children in this community.  I am very happy and proud to have been a part of this program.  I am even more proud to know there are 42 people like me in this city who truly love and care about improving the educational opportunities of all children and ensuring their future success.

Many thanks to the Leadership Louisville staff for selecting me and for guiding our group on this journey.