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Todd Benson

Todd Benson (IL ’14, FL ’13), business development manager, Kentucky Employers’ Mutual Insurance (KEMI)

by Todd Benson, Ignite Louisville Class of 2014 (May – November 2014) –

I think the core competencies of any blog writer would include the following… Communication, Context, and Intellection.  Unfortunately none of these registered in my top five strengths (Relator, Individualization, Command, Competition and Strategic).  That said, I am still compelled to write about our Norton Healthcare day with Ignite Louisville.

This particular day had pre-work.  We were asked to read Strengths Finder, read an article about competency models, take an on-line test associated with the book, and have a face to face discussion with our supervisors.  Initially I was intimidated and a bit annoyed by this preparation, but once I dove in, the result was rewarding and honestly a bit eye opening.  While I was aware of my strengths, the critical evaluation of my areas of improvement was a rewarding result of the exercises.

Our day at the Norton Healthcare Pavilion opened with Norton’s Chief Development Officer, Lynnie Meyer, telling her leadership story.  She was followed by Norton Cancer Institute’s Chief Administrative Officer, Kevin Wardell.  Both presentations were interesting for very different reasons.  Lynnie inspired while Kevin frightened.  I know this was not his intent, but his illustrations associated with our nation’s spending on aging care compared to the rest of the world provided real perspective to healthcare issues in our country.

The majority of our day was spent with Al Cornish.  Al has the self-proclaimed longest job title in the world: System Vice President, Learning and Organizational Development / Chief Learning Officer, Norton University.  I don’t think I will dispute his claim.  It was Al that walked us through our pre-work and helped us pull all of these discussions on competencies together.  Al was great.  I appreciated his approach in allowing the group to learn as a unit as he guided us through the content.  The competency talent show was especially entertaining as each group creatively presented one of the competencies associated with leaders.

Fortunately, I took advantage of the lunch tour of the Norton Cancer Institute.  Norton’s Director of Physician Relations and Alignment, Jason Howard gave a tour for my group and I was struck by the thought and care given to not only technology but also to patient comfort.  It is great to know that we have this facility in our own back yard.  This along with the rest of the day made for a memorable and rewarding Ignite Louisville experience.

– Todd Benson, Male Blogger


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