Get involved!

Apryl Moore

Apryl Moore (FL ’15), teacher, The Academy @ Shawnee

by Apryl Moore, Focus Louisville – May 2015

I arrived in Louisville 1.5 years ago ready to continue my career in education. It was a whirlwind move. After driving to Louisville and accepting my job with the school district I literally had 7 days to fly back home to Maryland, pack all my things in a moving truck and drive 13 hours back to the city to find a place to stay and begin my first day of teaching. Whew! The task was almost overwhelming but I felt so good about my decision to make Louisville my home that it was a challenge I was willing to take.

I didn’t have much time to enjoy and learn my city before I dove right in and began exploring. Often, I would ask my friends about good places to eat or where to find entertainment. My sister, who has lived here for years, told me to me to consider going through Focus Louisville. It was one of the best suggestions she has given me; I took the plunge and enrolled in the Focus Louisville class of May 2015. The first day, I had no idea what to expect. I was meeting so many great people and we all were eager to learn more about the community we call home. The first day established a foundation for me – a theme, if you will. I went home and wrote on my calendar the words ‘Get Involved’.

After visiting NuLu and talking with the small business owners I realized Louisvillans had a story to tell. A story about their love of the city and the passion they have to give back to the city by making it beautiful, culturally responsive and socially exciting. Until the first day of Focus Louisville, incredibly, I never heard of NuLu before the visit but I vowed to come back and spend my dollars locally.

The second day of Focus Louisville had us meeting with city leader Councilman David Tandy, touring a local public school and a non-profit. Again, every aspect of the day required us to be reflective and ask ourselves the question: how can we get involved? Going to bed after the second night of Focus Louisville left me restless and thinking about how to get more involved.

Everything culminated the last day of Focus Louisville. We each stated how we planned to get more involved in our community. This was a proud moment for me. I stood up as a new Louisvillian and stated to my classmates that I am making a commitment to love my city, take pride in my city and volunteer my time to its citizens.

Thank you Focus Louisville for exposing me to people, organizations and areas of the city that I had not yet discovered!

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