Focus Louisville was nothing like I ever expected

Rachel Fitzpatrick (FL '16), EDI analyst, ZirMed, Inc.

Rachel Fitzpatrick (FL ’16), EDI analyst, ZirMed, Inc.

Judgment free, networking, informative, fun, thriving, enlightening, empowering… all of these words were used to describe our experience during the fall 2016 Focus Louisville class. The adjective used that stuck out to me the most was “focused”. This program provided “FOCUS” in every sense of the word.  We had the opportunity to dive in on our great city and was provided a chance to shift our focus into our community, schools, arts, opportunities and history.

Focus Louisville was like nothing I ever expected. I expected a group of young professionals, all trying to go places within their careers, with the same/ similar background that I came from. I expected a program that would host tabled events, a few guest speakers, and a lot of papers to fill out or take home. I have never been so happy to be proven wrong and broaden my horizon. My focus group consisted of individuals from all walks of life, ages, types of careers and education levels. My focus group consisted of diversity. We had different ideas, viewpoints, emotions, and beliefs. Even though we were all so different, we shared one thing… passion. Passion to build up our community, get involved, and attend anything from volunteer events to U of L games to a peace walk in our neighborhoods.  I believe that all of us walked away with gratitude and a new focus.

Personally with Focus Louisville, I was shown a new city, community and quality of life. I have discovered a side of myself that I knew existed but never had the confidence to acquire. Focus brought light to the city that satisfies my passion to serve my community. I met non-profits and local business leaders that absolutely moved me. I am now, more than ever, excited to get involved. I too, can help our community be judgment free, informative, thriving and empowering. I realize it takes focus to make change happen and through my experience, I have a new found focus in building up my community.

Learn more about Focus Louisville – next session is December 1-3, 2016.