Announcing the first recipient of the Charles F. Herd Scholarship

LTC/P Kirk Duncan, 2023 recipient of the Charles F. Herd Scholarship

The 2023 Leadership Louisville class includes leaders from the highest levels of organizations of all kinds, from all sectors. It also includes the first recipient of the Charles F. Herd Scholarship, recently created in memory of Charles F. Herd, a dedicated community leader and one of the founders of the Leadership Louisville Center. Lieutenant Colonel (Promotable) Kirk Duncan, Special Forces Branch Chief of the U.S. Army Human Resources Command, is the first recipient of the scholarship, designated for an outstanding public servant who demonstrates service to God, service to country through honorable military service, and a desire to enhance the regional community.

“My father considered Leadership Louisville his most significant contribution to our city,” said Mary Herd Jackson, architect.? “He would be proud of the individuals selected for the 2023 Class and honored to support an outstanding military service member like Kirk Duncan’s participation in the program.”  

“LTC/P Duncan is exactly the kind of person my father would love to have in this program, a combat proven leader who wants to share his talents with the Louisville community.”? Colonel (Retired) Walter Herd 

The talented leaders, including LTC/P Duncan, in the Leadership Louisville class will spend ten months immersed in an active learning experience, diving into our community’s history, assets and challenges, emerging ready to create positive change alongside a network of fellow influencers and decision-makers. Armed with new knowledge, connections, and perspectives, Leadership Louisville graduates are prepared to take their places as effective community leaders.

“In today’s world, it’s critical that we have leaders who are knowledgeable of our history and who understand the complexity of the challenges we face as a community. And despite our best intentions, we are often socially segregated as we go through our professional and personal lives,” said Cynthia Knapek, president of Leadership Louisville Center. “The 62 members of the 2023 Leadership Louisville class are about to embark on a life- and community-changing journey that is designed to prepare them for meaningful impact on our region’s growth and success. Together they will build understanding and connections to give them and the organizations they represent the ability to impact the greater good.” 


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