First impressions of my Leadership Louisville year

London Saunders Roth

London Saunders Roth, (LL '13, IL '08) human capital consultant, Humana Inc.

by London Saunders Roth, Leadership Louisville Class of 2012 –

Leslie Smart, not “less smart.”  Mark Leonardi “da Vinci.”   “Mary” Ann (or “and”) Joseph.  I imagine I’ll be chanting the fun and interesting name associations over the next twelve months and beyond – a result of the engaging Leadership Louisville Class of 2013 opening session.  How might I best summarize the two-day event that lit the flame for the year-long learning experience?  Should I detail some of what I learned about Louisville’s rich history, originating along the Falls of the Ohio? Maybe I could share some of the great discussion with classmates about which issues and community leaders have left their mark on Louisville’s blueprint over the years?  Perhaps I could talk about Lexington’s Mayor, Jim Gray, his partnership with Louisville and Mayor Greg Fischer and an exciting new effort brewing in his community?  Without spilling the beans, should I divulge that the group participated in a simulation activity whereby every one of us learned something different about ourselves and our leadership style?  No, I think I’ll hold off on all that and instead express the gratitude I feel for the chance to get to know over 60 incredibly interesting and personable individuals that make up the class and its leadership.  Looking forward to a terrific year!