Coaching Others: Essential Skills for Managers

October 12, 2023
1-Day In Person @ Leadership Louisville Center
(707 W. Main St. Louisville, KY 40202)


Do you know what each of your employees’ core needs are and how to coach them in a way that drives performance and job satisfaction?

Leaders in organizations are always talking about employee engagement and how it relates to productivity, execution, and retention. However, most organizations miss the boat when it comes to engagement because they focus on the wrong things. It’s not about the Gallup results, benefits, nap pods, or free food. It’s about how well the employee’s core needs are met by their role, their organization, and their boss. If all three are not aligned, then dissatisfaction and disengagement are the result.

This course is for mid-to-upper-level managers who want to know how to creatively coach and manage their teams and get the most from their people.

$450 or 1 Training Package Point
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