Encore Louisville convenes experienced leaders who have spent decades of their careers in leadership roles and want to give back to the community as they transition out of the workforce. Participants form teams and provide pro-bono consulting services to a wide variety of nonprofits in the region. The impact of this work has benefitted over 110 nonprofit organizations, who receive strategic guidance and support in furthering their missions.

Encore Class of 2021 Impact at a Glance:

9 nonprofit partnerships

1,152 hours volunteered (128 average)

$126,000 in project value estimated ($15,750 average)


We are so proud to share the individual outcomes for a sampling of this year’s teams. Click the organization below to jump to its results, or feel free to scroll through them all. If you work at, serve on the board of, or just happen to know a nonprofit who could benefit from their own Encore team, applications are open for project proposals. Click here to learn more.

Results from April – July 2021:

Results from January – April 2021:


Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness

Encore Louisville Team Members:
Pam GreenwellMichael BatemanHarold ButlerEd DudleyDavid FennellBette Anne McCullumEdie NixonAngela Thompson-HowardLinda ValentineSusan Zepeda

(from left): Pam Greenwell (facilitator), Michael Bateman, Harold Butler, Ed Dudley, David Fennell, Bette Anne McCullum, Edie Nixon, Angela Thompson-Howard, Linda Valentine, Susan Zepeda

Metro Health has been starved for decades and all of a sudden was expected to step up to deal with a pandemic, while simultaneously doing the other things required of a large city health department. The pandemic required the hiring of large numbers of employees and made large sums of money available. As they tried to integrate those employees, and supervise those employees, they worked long hours and not surprisingly suffered from extreme stress. As the world improves, however, they are unfortunately finding that memories can be short indeed.

The Encore team formed into four sub-teams each working on a different aspect the Metro Health’s needs. One team helped with reframing their strategic plan, one helped with skill assessments for employees, one helped them deal with the extreme stress employees were and are facing, which was diagnosed by a U of L study as PTSD in 80% of employees, and one dealt with salary disparities between Metro Health and the private sector. The audience for some of our information is the Union and Metro Human Resources, and hopefully beyond.


Louisville Pride Foundation

Encore Louisville Team Members:
Ginger WallaceSteve EllisDiane KyleSr. Janet PeterworthMichael ShaikunDonald Whitfield

(from left): Ginger Wallace (facilitator), Steve Ellis, Diane Kyle, Sr. Janet Peterworth, Michael Shaikun, Donald Whitfield

The Louisville Pride Foundation’s (LPF) Executive Director (ED) requested the Encore Team’s assistance in establishing an LGBTQ Center. This Encore team spent a great deal of time in discussion with LPF’s Executive Director about the work involved to open a new Center. Additionally, they researched the resources provided by LPF and reached out to other LGBTQ Centers in the region to gather information on how those Centers operate, how they are sustained, and which of their programs are most popular. The team talked to center leaderships in Lexington, Columbus and Dayton, OH, and Birmingham, AL.

This Encore team believes the discussions they had with LPF’s Executive Director helped focus their efforts in preparing to open the LGBTQ Center. They are submitting a written report to LPF and are prepared to present the report at their next Board meeting on Aug 19th. They do think LPF is a viable candidate for an Ignite Louisville team in six months to a year, once the Center is up and running and has been operating for a while.


Homeless Coalition of Southern Indiana

Encore Louisville Team Members:
Larry HartogSteve BargerLeo HauberChris Hermann

(from left): Larry Hartog (facilitator), Steve Barger, Leo Hauber, Chris Herman

This Encore team was tasked with helping the Homeless Coalition of Southern Indiana (HCSI) obtain more support from local leadership and explore options for a “white flag” shelter needed during the winter. The team realized early on that the organization had lost some focus and that the Board had lost some enthusiasm for engaging the mission of HCSI. They soon came to the conclusion that their team’s work really needed a pivot toward solving these issues before they could address the tasks HCSI had presented to Encore.

The team developed a Board recruitment package that can be used by HCSI to shore up the skills of the Board and embark on a strategic planning process. These steps will make HCSI a stronger nonprofit and provide the focus needed for long-term operational and financial sustainability.


Wilderness Louisville

Encore Louisville Team Members:
Pam Greenwell Kevin Wardell

(from left): Karen Philley (facilitator), Nadine Brewer, Doug Butler, Pam Greenwell, Paula Hale, Angela Thompson Howard, Michael Shaikun, Kevin Wardell

Wilderness Louisville (WL) was founded with a mission to be champions for Louisville’s natural areas, from Jefferson Memorial Forest, the nation’s largest municipally-owned urban forest, to the ones in your neighborhood. WL works with Louisville Metro Government’s Department of Parks and Recreation to promote the development, stewardship, and community awareness of these important public spaces.

WL requested an Encore Louisville team to assist in advancing the development of a Business Model to operate the Shawnee Outdoor Learning (SOL) Center at Shawnee Park. This model was to include the following:

  • Comprehensive cost projections
  • Market analysis of the Shawnee-Chickasaw neighborhood and surrounding areas
  • Possible revenue streams which are realistic and relevant to community needs
  • A staffing plan that is equitable and representative of the community

Additionally, they wanted the team to provide a framework to a University of Louisville MBA team for a second phase of work.

The team’s initial work focused on the market analysis, revenue streams, and creation of diverse workforce portions of the WL project request. However, their interviews and research of approximately 30 organizations led to more questions about and issues with the Shawnee Outdoor Learning Center project. As a result, their work then pivoted to perform a detailed and ranked SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats) assessment of the SOL Center project itself. From this analysis, they made recommendations to WL regarding both the SOL Center project and the WL organization.


Louisville Youth Group

Encore Louisville Team Members:
Joe MitchellMargaret HandmakerDiane KyleGinger WallaceDonald Whitfield

(from left:) Joe Mitchell (facilitator), Margaret Handmaker, Kiane Kyle, Ginger Wallace, Donald Whitfield

Louisville Youth Group (“LYG”), has a 30-year history of service to Louisville’s LGBTQIA+ youth yet in many ways operates like a start-up organization. There are almost as many board vacancies as members, and members are, for the most part, inexperienced. Board members demonstrate a passion for the organization but that does not translate to long-term board service. There is high turnover of board members. There is no leadership path, hence leadership roles are difficult to fill or remain vacant. LYG recently engaged an outside consultant to develop a Strategic Plan so The Encore team was able to focus on board effectiveness.

The Encore team presented to the board its observations with respect to board operations and recruitment, along with a series of recommendations for improving operations so that the board can successfully transition from a “working board” to a more traditional ”governing board”, which should enhance board recruitment and retention.

“This is Louisville Youth Group’s second time working with a Leadership Louisville Center team. Both our Encore and Ignite teams were filled with amazing, intelligent people whose service moved the agency forward in impactful ways.”

– Jason Peno, Executive Director, Louisville Youth Group


Cycle Breakers Breaking Chains, Inc.

Encore Team members:
Beth DlutowskiAl CornishChris HermannBarbara Michael

(from left): Beth Dlutowski (facilitator), Al Cornish, Chris Hermann, Barbara Michael

Cycle Breakers Breaking Chains, Inc. is a new organization. Their ask was “To have Cycle Breakers name broadcast within the community, to be in a building, to hire staff to have the organization up and running, and most importantly to expand the Board of Directors”.

The team’s focus was on setting priorities for the organization and making introductions to key leaders who have similar missions within the community.

Project accomplishments were:

  • Held a priority setting workshop to identify and sequence activities for the CEO
  • Developed an elevator speech for the CEO
  • Created an agenda template for the CEO to use when meeting with contacts in the city; also provided “preparation steps” for the CEO prior to each meeting
  • Made introductions with key contacts within this space for the CEO; set up multiple meetings as well
  • Connected CEO with CNPE; and secured a free one-year membership to CNPE
  • Identified multiple resources for further investigation by the CEO
  • Created a summary document with all meeting notes and resources as a “leave-behind” for the CEO
  • Delivered project recommendations and summary to the CEO


DELTA Foundation

Encore Team members:
Tom MonahanCindy AdelbergAlan EngelLeo HauberJoe McCullum

(from left:) Tom Monahan (facilitator), Cindy Adelberg, Alan Engel, Leo Hauber, Joe McCullum

DELTA  Foundation, based in the Portland neighborhood, offers reading and literacy tutoring and basketball skill training to young men ages 8 to 15, mainly from the West End of Louisville. Founder Wes Hinton has created a dynamic program that has drawn numerous participants, volunteers, and donors. Wes reached out to Encore knowing that he needed more structure and organization to continue the growth of DELTA. Our Encore team was able to help create a roadmap to guide the ongoing development of DELTA. We helped Wes refine his bylaws to better fit the organization. We also helped him with his budgeting and financial reporting process. And we showed him the type of board members he needs to succeed.

Although very successful thus far, Wes realizes DELTA has been a seat-of-the-pants operation since its beginning. The board is made up mainly of friends Wes made during his coaching career. Although they are passionate about DELTA’s mission, they lack many essential skills for directing a non-profit. The team provided job descriptions for board members and suggested the board create Governance, Finance, Fund Development, and Program committees. They gave him a spreadsheet template to better track his expenses and revenue. They also modified his generic bylaws to better reflect the needs of his organization.


Pillar (formerly Apple Patch) Community

Encore Team members:
Bill HenslerLynn AshtonEd DudleySteve EllisBette Anne McCullumSr. Janet Peterworth

(from left): Bill Hensler (facilitator), Lynn Ashton, Ed Dudley, Steve Ellis, Bette Ann McCullum, Sr. Janet Peterworth

The needs Pillar outlined were to help them create a vision for the care of the disabled residents of their group homes and to help decide the disposition of undeveloped property that Pillar owns in the community of group homes. The Encore team identified the need for the board to take on traditional board roles as it moves from focus on near-term operational issues to long-term planning and objectives. The extent of the team’s help was bringing the Executive Director’s attention away from the land development toward being a catalyst for board development and strategic planning.

The first outcome was to freeze any sale of or development of the property. Only until the board goes through the exercise of long-term planning and vision creation should they consider what to do with the property. The second outcome was a commitment on Pillar’s part to go through a board development process, as well as a strategic planning process. The team’s deliverable was simply a summary of recommendations and a discussion with the Executive Director, who is considering engaging Leadership Louisville again to help with their next steps.