We can talk all day about the impact of our Diversity Scholarship Fund (and passionately, at that!) – but it’s always better to hear it straight from the individuals we influence. Scroll down to read about how both our scholarship recipients and participants benefit when our programs are more diverse.


Kimberly Goode“I work for a small non-profit and as much as we’d like to provide these opportunities to our staff, it’s simply not feasible. Receiving a scholarship to participate in the program allowed me to learn skills and best practices that I can take back to my organization and share so we can serve more people in our community. At graduation, I made a contribution to the scholarship fund because without the funds, I wouldn’t have had this opportunity.”

Kim Goode (IL Fall ’18), Vice President, River City Housing
Scholarship Recipient

DeMarrion Flemming“As a scholarship participant, I was extremely grateful and felt more obligated to be engaged and involved! These scholarships create opportunities, build self-esteem, and build character. Scholarships enable the potential to sow a seed that can create a tree of impact.”

DeMarrion Fleming (IL Spring ’19), President & Founder, Sowing Seeds with Faith
Scholarship Recipient

Amabelle Camba“Leadership Louisville kickstarted my journey to not only finding success but in becoming significant—a changemaker, a mover & shaker, a leader. There aren’t many opportunities for leadership development that don’t have a sizeable price tag. So, it is crucial that scholarships programs are available to bring diverse voices and experiences to the table. The nonprofit world is full of people wanting to do good and their voices need to be heard, considered, and invested in. The only way to remove the barrier is by supporting scholarship programs.”

Amabelle Camba (BF ’17, FL ’15), Director of Development & Communications, CASA of the River Region
Scholarship Recipient

Dr. Teresa Reed“One of the most transformative aspects of the Leadership Louisville experience for me was the opportunity to engage with perspectives, backgrounds, and interests that differ from my own in a rich and authentic way.  By keeping the wellbeing of Louisville at the center of our exchanges, we were able to find points of connection that transcended those differences, and we created meaningful friendships along the way.”

Dr. Teresa Reed (LL ’20), Dean, School of Music, University of Louisville
Program Participant

Andrew Pyles“The diversity of my class was one of the highlights of my Leadership Louisville experience. Discussing the issues facing our community with people of different backgrounds, ethnicity, race, and sexual orientation gave me such a broad perspective.  It taught me the importance of bringing in all stakeholders to reach critical solutions.”

Andrew Pyles (LL ’20), President/CEO Eclipse Bank
Program Participant

“It is important to have a diverse group of leaders in Leadership Louisville Programs because doing so advances a culture of inclusion through intentional, positive and conscious efforts that stimulates change for the benefit of our community.”

Walter Woods (BF’18, FL’18), Strategic Advisor & Former Chief Executive Officer, Humana Foundation
Program Participant



Thank you for your support for the Center, and your commitment to creating a more inclusive Louisville.