Our formal proposal application period (also known as the “RFP” or “Request for Proposals”) will take place in January and February of 2022.  You are welcome to submit a proposal at any time but you will not be notified of your status until the end of the formal application period.

We see you, nonprofits. You’re scrambling for resources and time in a typical year. But this year was, well, extra. You don’t have time to tackle those projects you’ve been meaning to get to when there are even more people out there in need of your help.

The project you think would be a great value add.

That strategic overhaul that’s been on the backburner for months.

That problem you’ve been meaning to tackle if you could only overcome your inbox.

You don’t have time because your eyes must be glued firmly to the mission. Even when you know that these de-prioritized bullets on the to-do list would help you serve more of your people, better. There’s just only so much time and energy.

We see you, and our mission is to help your mission.

Community Acceleration Teams (CATs) work pro-bono to help nonprofits like yours with strategic consulting on organizational issues or project design and implementation for your area of need. Participants in our Ignite Louisville and Encore Louisville programs are high-performers and credentialed professionals who have helped over 150 nonprofits in the region thrive since 2004.

Participating nonprofits come away with:

  • Improved operations
  • Increased exposure
  • More strategic focus
  • Connections with potential board members and strategic volunteers


How does it work?

Your organization submits a proposal, and a selection committee will evaluate and determine if your project or need is a good fit for a team. If it is, you’ll pitch your project to individual teams that might work with you. It’s important to mention that not every project gets selected, but the closer you can get to a good fit, the greater a chance you’ll have!

February 14, 2022, is the deadline for the next set of project proposals. We are only able to accept so many projects. We know this year will be pivotal for so many organizations, so be sure to put in your proposal as soon as you can.


What makes a nonprofit a good fit for selection?

There are some basic requirements that allow for a great partnership between a CAT and your nonprofit:

  • You already have your 501(c)3 status (education institutions, government agencies, B-Corps and 501(c)6 are also eligible)
  • You have a fully staffed Board of Directors (unless your application is regarding help in this area)
  • Your Board fully supports the application for a team
  • You are in a position to make decisions and get approval quickly (a team that isn’t held back can achieve substantially more for your organization)
  • You have the capacity to communicate and meet with the team regularly – working with them to make decisions quickly regarding the direction of their project.
  • You are flexible in your request and are willing to engage the creativity of the team

What makes a project a good fit for selection?

When designing your project proposals, consider these things:

  • The project needs to be realistic and able to be completed in the time frame of our programs (2-3 months for consultancy work, 6-7 months for project-based work)
  • The project should produce sustainable results – allowing your organization to better serve the community
  • Projects work best when they are strategic, structural, operational, or organizational in nature
  • The more clearly your submission is written, the better teams can understand and be energized by your ideas and need in the community

If you don’t have a project, we’re here to help give you clarity. Reach out to Jo Lloyd-Triplett (our resident CAT expert) with the hurdles you’re trying to overcome, and she’ll be happy to talk you through it. Contact her at jlloydtriplett@leadershiplouisville.org or (502) 889-0177.


We know this feels like just one more thing to do. As a nonprofit ourselves, we completely understand that sentiment. This last year has been a challenging one, and we want our community organizations to have all of the help they can as we move toward the new normal. We hope to see you on our 2022 roster. Cheers!



P.S. The application only takes a handful of minutes! As our fearless leader, Cynthia, says: “The juice is worth the squeeze.” It’s free help. You can’t afford NOT to do it.