Calling All Nonprofits – Teams from Ignite Louisville and Encore Louisville are ready to work for you!


Request for nonprofit proposals is open through August 31st for upcoming Ignite Louisville Challenge and 2018 Encore Louisville program

Louisville, Kentucky (August 14, 2018) – Two Leadership Louisville Center programs, Ignite Louisville and Encore Louisville, are calling on nonprofits to submit proposals for potential projects. Proposals are due Friday, August 31.  Both programs offer the nonprofit community an opportunity to gain a group of outside thinkers involved in moving projects or challenges forward that wouldn’t be possible without their help.  Ignite Louisville classes participate in the Yum! IGNITES Louisville Challenge, and multiple teams directly invest hundreds of hours with their nonprofit partners, work that has an average value of $30,000.  Encore Louisville participants bring their decades of experience and leadership to a series of meetings, helping nonprofits develop action plans over a 2-3 month timeframe, spending 15-20 consultant hours with their nonprofit partner.

Visit this link to learn more and submit proposals:, or watch this 2-minute video that explains the opportunities and how to apply.  For more information, contact Jo Lloyd-Triplett at or call (502) 753-6502.

About Ignite Louisville and the Yum! IGNITES Louisville Challenge

Presented by Norton Healthcare, Ignite Louisville is a seven-month program that provides emerging leaders with the skills, confidence, problem-solving abilities and connections essential to professional success. In addition to the core curriculum, the class participates in the Ignite Louisville Challenge where groups of 6-8 young professionals are put into teams to partner with a nonprofit agency.  Teams combine the principles learned in Ignite Louisville with their own expertise in order to implement solutions for their partner agencies. The Challenge is an annual opportunity for teams of mid-level professionals from program to undertake a project for a local nonprofit, gaining experience in community leadership, board involvement, and teamwork.  Participating nonprofits benefit from the expertise and energy of the teams, who each invest hundreds of hours with their nonprofit agency as they compete for donations made possible by the Yum! Brands Foundation. See results from the most recent Ignite Louisville class at this link.

About Encore Louisville

The Leadership Louisville Center’s Encore Louisville program is for seasoned community leaders who want to continue to give back to the community as they retire, approach retirement or transition from professional careers. The program’s goal is to connect groups of graduates in an advisory capacity with worthy nonprofits that need help managing critical strategic, structural, operational, or organizational issues.  In this way, the program keeps the community’s star talent engaged in civic leadership and involved with their professional peers despite career transitions. Nonprofit organizations gain assistance from the highest level community trustees.  See results from recent classes at this link. 

About the Leadership Louisville Center:

Created in 1979, the Leadership Louisville Center is the region’s most valuable resource for leadership development and civic engagement.  Its mission is to grow and connect a diverse network of leaders who serve as catalysts for a world-class community through dynamic programming and strong community connections.  Over 7,000 community leaders have graduated from the Center’s programs that include Leadership Louisville, Focus Louisville, Ignite Louisville, Bingham Fellows, and Encore Louisville.  The Leadership Green Room was launched in 2015 and serves as the training and talent development arm of the Center, expanding the resources available to the region’s business community and employee base.  In 2011, the Leadership Louisville Center was recognized as one of the top seven community leadership programs in the U.S. in a benchmark study by the Center for Creative Leadership, the “gold standard” global provider of executive leadership education and research.  Learn more at