Elevating, empowering, and engaging everyone to make cultural moments that matter.

Like many cities across the country, Downtown Louisville is facing big challenges.  Our post-pandemic world has moved much of the workforce out of Downtown. Businesses are closing, residents are leaving, and our civic pride is suffering. When faced with crisis, challenge, and change, there is one thing that creates human connection and the power to express who we are and how we feel: Art.

The importance of Art in Louisville

A thriving arts community is essential to a city’s identity, sense of belonging, and success.  Louisville has the elements in place to become better known as an arts city. Louisville is one of a handful of American cities with a professional orchestra, opera, ballet, theater, and children’s theater. Louisville’s Speed Art Museum is the oldest and largest art museum in the state, and there are numerous galleries, studio complexes, and workshops that offer a wide range of visual art experiences.

Left: Mural by artist Ashley Cathey. Located at 6th Street and River Road.
Right: Mural by artist Victor Ving @greetingsfrom. Located at 1101 Central Avenue.

The city’s Downtown historical and commerce districts contain stunning architecture, culturally relevant attractions, and numerous public art displays.  Metro government actively supports public art events throughout the community, with a dense calendar of concerts, plays, exhibits and art festivals all through the year.

“All art is good food and good medicine that helps to promote individual, collective and community wide health, healing and well being. We need as many ways as possible to connect art, artists and arts organizations with audiences. LouMomentMaker is a vital tool that helps to do just that by providing a how-to guide that connects art and artists with an audience.”
– Andre Kimo Stone Guess, President & CEO, Fund for the Arts

Despite all of these elements being in place, local artists encounter challenges bringing their vision and cultural point of view to life in public spaces. After listening to artists, neighborhood leaders, business owners, civic organizations, and government officials, we learned what stands in the way of creating more cultural spaces is confusion over the process. The steps needed for community-led art projects are relatively simple to achieve, however, the information is in disparate locations with no clear path. Even those with the connections and means to bring cultural activations to life find themselves mired in bureaucratic challenges.

LouMoment Maker

The goal of LouMoment Maker is to demystify the process of creating cultural activations throughout the city. Paving the way for unique, cultural experiences, whether permanent installations or temporary activations, that speak to our history, who we are, and who we are becoming.

Working with Metro Louisville’s Public art administrator, LouMoment Maker will be made readily available to all through the arts and creative section of LouisvilleKY.gov. Prominent arts organizations in Louisville are on board to champion and share the guide with their constituents.

Art makes a city great, and we live in a great city. LouMoment Maker provides a path that elevates, empowers, and engages everyone in our community to unleash their creative spirit and make moments that matter.

Let’s show the world what we can do.

The LouMoment Maker Team

Christian Adelberg, Kentucky Performing Arts
Kristian Anderson, Louisville Visual Art Association
Yvonne Austin-Cornish, Louisville MSD
Callie Baumann, CVS
Megan Breier, Beam Suntory
Joe Franklin, Venture Connectors
Christopher Fuller, K. Norman Berry Associates Architects PLLC | KNBA

Jill Horn, Brown-Forman Corporation
MK Lindsey, Crawford Hoying
David Lopez, Teach for All
Ameerah Palacios, HDR Engineering
Larry Portaro, GE Appliances, a Haier company
Garth Williams, Derby City Gaming
Nicole Yates,
Passport Health Plan

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