Achieving Breakthrough Results

Tameka Copeland

Tameka Copeland (IL ’14), QI project manager, WellCare of Kentucky

by Tameka Copeland, Ignite Louisville Class of 2014 —

At the onset of a new year, many people set new goals and benchmarks. Unfortunately, few people succeed in completing the goals they set. Why? Maybe they didn’t set achievable goals, define a timeline for completion, or make the goal specific enough. At YUM! Brands, employees are encouraged to not just set goals, but to think BIG and set goals that result in “Achieving Breakthrough Results.” YUM! Brands has invested in training that teaches employees to be bold when making a request, to leverage and foster communication skills, to have an open mind about new ideas, to avoid judging or nitpicking ideas, and to create a culture of rewards and positivity. The training also includes a formula for achieving results: Intentionality + Method = Results. The formula demonstrates that when a person has a high desire or intentionality towards achieving a goal and a solid method is utilized, then results are inevitable. If you are a person that’s starting to veer away from New Year goals, you may want to try the YUM! Brands model to achieving breakthrough results and incorporate some of their techniques to help you succeed!


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