A New Perspective

Harvetta Ray

Harvetta Ray (BF ‘14), campus coordinator, Family Scholar House

by Harvetta Ray, Bingham Fellows Class of 2014 –

My first official day participating in Leadership Louisville Center’s Bingham Fellows program was both energizing and inspiring. The information shared not only allowed me to peek into the history of West Louisville, it opened doors and revealed a glimpse of my own personal family history.

Seeing so many individuals come together to reignite the spirit not only of an area but of a people is a perfect recipe for success. I believe it will produce the hope, strength and faith needed to begin the healing process; a process that results in Louisville becoming a city of unity, compassion and innovation that inspires the minds and hearts of all who live, work, play and conduct business here.

The number of community organizations represented in the class speaks to the wealth of resources available to assist our residents in attaining their personal, educational and career goals. Although it was only the first day, this experience has already given me a new perspective on how to approach our community’s biggest challenges. Making new connections, and seeing how we can all work together to positively impact our community, has inspired me to re-examine my role as a leader. It has inspired me to seek out other potential community leaders and encourage them to stand up and explore ways they can better assist in making our communities better for future generations to come. It is an honor and privilege to have been chosen to become a Bingham Fellow.