2013 Leadership Louisville Luncheon

2013 Leadership Louisville Luncheon

Thursday, August 29

Galt House East

Thanks to all attendees and sponsors for making this event a success!


Since 1989, we’ve worked with the Office of the Mayor to bring together our city’s leaders to share knowledge and bold visions. This year we extended our reach. The 2013 Leadership Louisville Luncheon gathered 1,000 of the most influential voices from across Kentucky to discuss the extreme importance of making choices that improve the quality of place in each of our communities throughout the state.

Keynote speaker: Mayor Mick Cornett of Oklahoma City

To inspire change and help us improve quality of place, Mayor Mick Cornett spoke about the actions that led to Oklahoma City’s remarkable renaissance and landed the city a regular spot on all the “Best Of” lists. Under Mayor Cornett’s leadership:

  • Oklahoma’s economy and employment rates are among the best in the nation.
  • Infrastructure investments in parks, sidewalks, streetcars and a new convention center have reshaped the city, dramatically improving the quality of place.
  • Oklahoma City made the nation’s largest public school capital investment.
  • The city successfully brought an NBA franchise to the community.
  • Groundbreaking health improvements have been achieved.

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