Monday, March 17

The Best of Leadership Summit kicked off with a celebratory evening complete with special guest speakers, award presentations, festive food and drink, and tons of networking.

Special Guest Speakers


Michael HarreldMichael N. Harreld(LL ’81), President, Greater Washington area, PNC Bank


Tuesday, March 18

This full-day event was filled with workshops and storytelling presentations focused on the themes of leadership, community and driving change. Over 25 speakers filled out the agenda, including regional thought leaders and our all-star alumni. The day was designed to stimulate thinking and action around leadership and community, and reconnect graduates from our 35-year history while welcoming new civic leaders to the Leadership Louisville Center experience.



“Sometimes You Win, Sometimes you Learn”

Read Doug Cobb's bio Doug Cobb, Entrepreneur in Residence, Chrysalis Ventures
Read Ed Glasscock's bioEd GlasscockChairman-Emeritus, Frost Brown Todd
Read Alice Houston's bioAlice Houston, President, Houston-Johnson Inc.
Read Mary Moseley's bioMary Moseley, President and CEO, The Al J. Schneider Company

Read Steve Haffner's bio“Mental Kickstart”
Steve Haffner, Mentalist
Steve presents a highly entertaining exploration of methods for improving mental productivity and creativity through mind management, externalizing and organizing information inputs, meta-cognition, and resistance recognition.



Read Dr. Lyle Sussman's bio“Lake Wobegon Inc.: Confronting the Truth, Confronting Denial”
A workshop facilitated by:
Dr. Lyle Sussman, Professor of Management, University of Louisville College of Business
Dr. Sussman is an author and well-known speaker who will challenge those in high-level leadership roles to embrace our ever-changing business environment to be a better, stronger and more effective leader.
Read Kirsten Hawley's bio“The Five Characteristics of Awesome Leaders”
A workshop facilitated by:
Kirsten Hawley (BF ’09, FL ’07),VP Director of HR Business Partnerships, Brown-Forman Corporation
Kirsten will share training previously only offered to Brown-Forman’s global executives on the five characteristics of awesome leaders.  In this session, you will gain awareness on what it takes to win, thrive and endure as a leader in your environment.

Joe Pusateri - Scott Kiefer“Leadership in Tough Times”
Joe Pusateri (BF ’93, LL ’90) President, Elite Homes, Inc.
Scott Kiefer (FL ’05),Vice President, The Oliver Group
Joe will begin this high energy workshop with six strategies for leaders that apply anytime, but especially during tough times.  Scott will build on this presentation and share examples and leadership lessons learned when challenging times were overcome (or not).



Storytellers: A Vision for Louisville

Mayor Fischer - Dan Crutcher - Sam Watkins
Hon. Greg Fischer, Mayor of Louisville
“A Vision for West Louisville”
Dan Crutcher, (BF ’14, LL ’05) Publisher, Louisville Magazine/
Sam Watkins, (LL ’84) President and Chief Executive Officer of Louisville Central Community Centers

Ted Nixon - Wendy Dant Chesser
“Compassion in the Workplace”
Ted Nixon (LL ’96), Chief Executive Officer, D.D. Williamson
“It’s Regional”
Wendy Dant Chesser (FL ’13), President and CEO of One Southern Indiana

Storytellers: A New School of Thought

Read Dr. Kevin Cosby's bioDr. Kevin Cosby, Senior Pastor, St. Stephen Church
Read Cathe Dykstra's bio“Education – It’s a Family Affair”
Cathe Dykstra (LL ’09, BF ’07, FL ’04), President and CEO, Family Scholar House
Read David Jones, Jr.'s bio“It’s Personal:  Innovating to Improve Education and Healthcare”
David Jones, Jr. 
(LL ’94), Managing Director, Chrysalis Ventures, LLC
Read Dr. James White's bio“United We Stand – Leveraging our Resources in Education”
Dr. James Calleroz White
, Head of School, Louisville Collegiate School

Storytellers: A Next Generation Perspective

Read B. Todd Bright's bio“Show the Box Who’s Boss”
B. Todd Bright
, (BF ’13, IL ’12, FL ’05), Director for Communication of the Kentucky Farm Bureau
Read Ricky Jones' bio“Leadership and the Changing Face of America”
Ricky Jones, Professor and Chair, Dept. of Pan-African Studies, and Director of the Center on Race and Inequality at the University of Louisville
Read Jessica Lawrence's bio“Do Something Extraordinary”
Jessica Lawrence
, Owner/Director, Cairn Guidance
Read Ben Reno-Weber's bio“Divergent Leadership: What businesses, non-profits, and government can teach each other”
Ben Reno-Weber
, (FL ’12) Executive Director, Kentucky YMCA



Dwight Moody - Kate Bringardner “The Power and Practice of Persuasion”
Dwight Moody, Ph.D., President, The Academy of Preachers and daughter, Kate Bringardner (FL ’13),Principal, The Speaker’s Studio
This father and daughter duo will bring together their combined talents for a powerful session to show business and community leaders how to craft and deliver messages that will advance their cause. Moody is an author, professor, preacher, radio host and social entrepreneur, who founded the Academy of Preachers to build the skills and effectiveness of young people in the call to gospel preaching. With 15 years of training in stage and film, Bringardner is Principal of The Speaker’s Studio, a rehearsal and development space for speakers and leaders who seek enhanced communication and presence.


Denny_Virginia_122“Boost Your Brain and Advance your Thinking”
Virginia Denny, University of Louisville
Are you leveraging your brain to drive change and achieve success? In less than ninety minutes, you will gain a fresh appreciation for the power of your brain. Drawing on the work of neuroscientist David Rock and others, Ms. Denny will share practical techniques to help you and your brain work together to accomplish your goals, manage multiple inputs, and store important information. Learn three proven ways to enhance your concentration; try out your memory mojo and boost your ability to store and retrieve information; discover ways to feed your brain and find new energy.

Storytellers: Business for the 21st Century

Read Wes Jackson's bio“Changing Business for the 21st Century”
Wes Jackson
, President, The Courier-Journal
Read Ankur Gopal's bio“Today’s Technology”
Ankur Gopal
,(IL ’13), Chief Executive Officer, Interapt
Read Cara Silletto's bio
“Bridging Generational Gaps
Cara Silletto
, President, Crescendo Strategies
Read Phoebe Wood's bio
“Corporations & Entrepreneurs – More Disruption Ahead”
Phoebe Wood
, (LL ’05) Principal, CompaniesWood